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IRS Tax Audit Representation for Raleigh-area individuals and businesses


Unfortunately, IRS tax audit representation is one of the fastest growing services because the IRS is auditing more tax returns now than in previous years. Simply stated, an audit is when the IRS disagrees with the information you reported on your tax return(s) and contacts you to gain information to validate your return(s). The three most common audits are as follows:

  1. Correspondence Audit: A correspondence audit is the least serious, yet, most common type of audit. Generally, these involve simple matters with small amounts of money in dispute. Correspondence audits begin when the IRS sends a written request by mail for additional information about a specific issue on a tax return. They are closed if the taxpayer can provide adequate evidence to back up what they have stated on their return.

  2. Field Audit: In more severe cases, the IRS may order a field audit which is given in more serious situations. These differ from a correspondence audit because a field audit is conducted in person at your home or business, other than by mail.

  3. Random Selection: Sometimes audit notices are simply a matter of bad luck. Increasingly, the IRS selects taxpayers for audit by random selection. The idea of a random audit is in place to try to keep everyone honest.  Regardless of which audit is in question, it is important to remember that you must be completely candid with your IRS tax attorney so that they can provide you with the best representation. At Raleigh Pure Tax Resolution, we guarantee that your financial information is strictly confidential when it comes to all tax resolution services.

    Make sure you have a tax relief specialist on your side to represent you during an audit. Contact the professionals at Raleigh Pure Tax Resolution for a FREE consultation today. (919) 948-3355